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Backpack—also called rucksack, knapsack, or schoolbag, Common types in our daily life include travel backpacks, laptop backpacks, and hiking backpacks, and can also be divided into school backpacks and adult backpacks according to the age of the user. As an excellent Chinese backpack manufacturer, Weihan offers backpacks custom wholesale backpacks in bulk. Our customer groups include backpack vendors and Amazon backpacks seller in various countries. For some backpack brands that need to purchase cheap backpacks from China, Weihan is your best backpack supplier choice.

wholesale Laptop Backpacks

Laptop Backpack For Men backpack for work with the USB charging port

best laptop backpack/bag with the USB charging port

16-inch laptop backpack waterproof business ABS black backpack

Luminous shark backpack oxford laptop backpack

Logo Custom  School Bag Laptop Backpack with USB

15-inch laptop backpack multifunction Smart Backpack Bag For work

wholesale Hiking backpacks

hiking backpack waterproof camping wholesale tactical backpack

Wholesale custom outdoor tactical backpack

Mountain Backpack Bags military tactical backpack

Manufacturer backpack wholesale tactical backpack bag

Hiking Tactical Bag Large Capacity tactical bags

Hiking Army Bag Military Tactical Backpack

wholesale Tool Backpacks

heavy duty large tool bag customized tool backpack electrician kit

large capacity oxford fabric Electrician Special Tool Shoulder Bag 

Tool Backpack Wholesale Waterproof special electrician tool backpack

 Multifunctional Maintenance Portable Thick Wear-Resistant Backpack

Latest Design Custom Heavy Duty Electricians Tool Bag Backpack

Wholesale electrician backpack tool bag tool backpack heavy duty

wholesale Travel Backpacks

Factory custom logo sports backpack waterproof travel bags

Foldable Backpacks Camping Hiking Knapsack

wholesale Mountain Bike Backpack Bag With Hydration

custom printed logo gym drawstring backpack with front zipper bag

waterproof camping backpack anti theft backpack

Multifunctional Waterproof Outdoor Sports Lightweight Foldable Backpacks

wholesale Adult Backpacks

Leather Mini Backpacks for Women 
Teen Girls Travel Backpack

custom professional  Large Mommy Diaper Bags Multifunctional Wet Bag

Amazon Hot Sales Cut Girls Kindergarten Kids School Bags

Large Capacity Maternity Bag Travel Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

wholesale  large capacity waterproof camera backpack bag for photography

national geographic backpack camera bag photography big bags

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wholesale backpacks in bulk

Wholesale cheap backpacks from China

Some practitioners in the backpack industry may be running a private label brand of backpacks, maybe they are Amazon backpack sellers, or they may be customizing backpacks for their own companies and teams. They all need to choose a reliable and cheap backpack manufacturer. backpack suppliers in China are undoubtedly the best choice. Whether it is a laptop backpack with complicated functions, hiking backpacks for weekend outdoor or travel, or even some leather backpacks for women's daily use, you must work closely with Chinese backpack suppliers.

cheap backpacks in bulk

As a leading backpack manufacturer in China, Weihan has been committed to the production and manufacturing of all various types of cheap but high-quality backpacks and has made many constructive contributions to the brand establishment of many customers in the world. We have our backpack design department, which can help you with your design ideas. Many suppliers have cooperated for many years to ensure that the quality and price of bag raw materials reach the best. We have helped small and large companies promote themselves in impactful ways through our strength of bags factory & wholesale bags supplier.

Backpack Material custom

More than 30 kinds of materials, support environmental materials.

Backpack Logo customization

Various logo crafts for your choice, boost your brand to new heights.

 Backpack Color Custom

Support PANTON E 1114 kinds of colors.


Established in 1998, Weihan has provided quality backpack custom services to 400+ customers from all over the world


We are an OEM backpack manufacturer which has a wide variety of custom backpacks and standard bag designs that could be a perfect beginning for selecting the bags suiting your requirements. 


Fast Reply In 24 Hours, free guidance, multiple payment and transportation options, and real-time tracking of backpack order status.

Quality Assurance

SEDEX and BSCI Certification For Our backpack manufacturing process work.

we provide backpack custom service

Custom backpack with Catalog

Weihan has more than 18-year backpack customized history, most of our customers will choose a backpack from our existing backpack catalog, which makes our backpack custom work going smoothly, you can also view our backpack purchase guidelines first, We are a professional backpack supplier, so if your logo and design are confirmed, we will complete your custom backpack within a week.


Cheap backpack sample

Before the bulk backpack order, get a cheap backpack sample to confirm the backpack details necessary, a backpack samples are also an inspection standard for the bulk order, it will be treated as the standard recognized by both parties.
backpack work often starts When you have roughly confirmed the order quantity with us, such as the price, and delivery date.


Backpack production

Customized backpacks undoubtedly bring a more attractive appearance and competitive sales potential, but also bring new challenges to production. To ensure the smoothness of the final work, we keep in touch with customers during the whole backpack customized period,  all the bulk backpack customization processes will be discussed in the process, and backpack production photos also will be sent to customers.


Who Custom&wholesale backpacks with us

Well-know backpack brand

When we began to manufacture backpacks, we help some large bag factories complete backpack orders. In the past 18 years, we have experience in customizing backpacks from more than 20 well-known brands. Our main task is to complete high-quality product production for them. We are also working with them to improve our understanding of the backpack industry.

backpack Importers and traders

In the early days, not every company had the ability to import and order backpacks from China. This required them to come to China to participate in the Canton Fair, or for some Chinese bag suppliers to visit their cities. In the ten years from 2000 to 2010, most of our customers came from the Canton Fair. Importers and traders have various sales channels. They have a huge bag quantity and model needs. The cooperation with them has greatly expanded our product models. The cooperation has also enhanced our product category. Our product catalog can have more than 900 designs, mainly from here.

backpack Retailer/online store seller

Nearly 38% of our backpack customers are backpack retailers. Most of them have their backpack shops or have their backpack stores in large shopping malls. In recent years, with the rise of online shopping, our customers have mainly become shopkeepers selling Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, Wish, etc. They pursue a variety of styles, they can always grasp the latest fashion needs and pursue low MOQ and fast delivery.

Promotion items companies

We have some backpack customers who are engaged in promotional products. Most of their orders come from bidding or familiar regular customer. They negotiate the backpack's customized details with those companies and print the customer's logo or event slogan on the backpack. Most promotional bag orders choose regular styles and strict transaction times. We have a strong enough production capacity and 4 factories that hold shares, we can always complete the delivery requirements quickly.

Specially customized backpack

Some of our backpack customers surprised us because they are not always active in the backpack industry, and many customers' customized needs have brought us challenges.
These special customers have also exercised our ability to customize backpacks. In the face of pressure, we can always see customers' imaginations become an actual backpacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I customize my backpack?

We can make the backpack according to your requirements.

7. How long does it take to make backpack samples?

1 day for existing samples. 3-5 days for customized samples.

2. Can I print our logo on my backpacks?

Yes, We can print your logo on your backpacks. Only we need you to supply your logo file in PDF or AI format.

8. What are the terms of payment?

A: 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance before delivery. B: 100% in advance, L/C at sight, Western Union for small amount payment.

3. How does your factory do regarding quality control?

“Quality is a priority” Weihan people always attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the very end” Our factory has been audited by SGS, BSCI.

9. How is my order shipped? Will my backpacks arrive on time?

By sea, by air, or by express carriers (UPS, FedEx, TNT) transit time depends on freight rates.

4. How much is the backpack?

Prices are determined by many factors such as material, style, size, etc. If you tell me the specific backpack requirements, we can offer the best price for you.

10. What are some necessary details to tell us?

Material, size, style, color, logo profile, logo size, logo print terms, quantity, and any other needs.

5. What is the production time for backpacks?

15-30 days is normal, it depends on the quantity. Please tell us the date you want, we could try our best to satisfy you.

11. Why do not you have a fixed price list?

Because of the different sizes, different fabrics, and design printing, the cost is different.

6. Is it possible to get backpack samples before placing an order?

Yes, sure, for quality & material checking, stock samples without customized printing can be provided freely at your courier account. We will be happy to send you free samples.

12. Are there any other colors available for my customized backpacks?

Yes, we could dye the fabric and print the logo as per the Pantone color number.

Things you need to know when you wholesale backpack with China backpack vendor

1. Wholesale cartoon character backpacks-- Brand's game

Cartoon characters are popular with children, and Disney's backpack is a typical carton character backpack. Children's schoolbags have Disney cartoon images printed on their backpacks, such as Mickey and Snow White, Influenced by Disney culture, other characters like Spider-Man, and Iron Man, Japanese animation, and other characters are also very common on children's backpacks. Most of these are authorized by the owners of character companies like Disney to distributors or manufacturers, and they are used to manufacture and sell the backpack. Brands like Disney are rarely involved in every step of the way, They are busy counting money, For the personal sellers, we can't sell the character backpack.

2. Wholesale leisure sports backpacks--The most competitive backpack

Most leisure sports backpacks are used by adults when they go out for short trips or hiking weekends. It is sports backpacks, and hiking backpacks, among which there is more professional backpack called hydration backpacks.

Leisure sports backpacks are the most common of all types of backpacks, the market is big enough for thousands of manufacturers in China. So this type of backpack is also the most competitive. For Most China backpack manufacturers, the sports backpack order hardly to margin reasonable profit. Chinese manufacturers have moved their factories to places where manpower is cheap again and again. Only to reduce the production cost of this kind of backpack. For Chinese backpack manufacturers, most of the orders for this kind of backpack are only to retain customers and to maintain relationships with their customers. And for a retailer, wholesaler sports backpacks to sell in their country also need some courage. There are too many competitors entering the market first.

3. Wholesale clear backpack bulk and cotton backpack- the cheap backpack

Of all the backpack types, if we need to find the cheapest backpack, it must be one of the cotton backpacks or the transparent backpack. These two types of backpacks are generally made of cheap materials like cotton fabric or PVC, there all have simple inter structures, fewer layers, and most time, use cheap zipper accessories. Wholesale the Cheap cotton backpack, can sell to the undeveloped area.

The clear backpack also called a transparent backpack, transparent backpacks are more liked by young people. Young girls like this kind of special-looking backpack to show their differences. In some areas of the United States, due to the proliferation of guns, some schools will force students to use transparent backpacks, this year, some big sports brand catch this trend, they brought to the market a sophisticated-looking transparent backpack, available from both Nike and Adidas, but it was still a niche option.

4. Wholesale laptop backpacks-- The most business backpack

Laptop backpacks are probably the only backpacks you can bring into an office without feeling uncomfortable. Due to its appearance being business enough, the user looks like a computer industry working with a laptop on his back. We have received some laptop backpack custom orders, with a new design appearance, they look the same: with a single color scheme, a square shape, mainly black and gray. The laptop needs to look "business", so it can be sold. Maybe the laptop backpacks manufactured by us or some other China bag manufacturer end up in the hands of programmers.

5. Wholesale military backpacks--The most profitable backpack 

Military backpacks are the most worth investing in backpacks, I am talking about the profit of wholesale military backpacks, for our manufacturers, military backpacks are a nightmare, with the most complex structure, and the strictest quality inspection.
Military backpacks generally have a huge appearance and volume, some military backpacks up to 60-80L. In contrast, ordinary sports and leisure backpacks are only about 18L. In addition to their large size, military backpacks generally have a complex structure, such as more separation areas, more Pockets, and on functions: military backpacks also need camouflage, waterproofing, and other special requirements.

The other day I have received a military backpack inquiry from Australia, they need bulletproofing, which is hard for us, military backpacks have strict quality requirements. Bigger, more complex, more features, tighter quality, all of this pushes up the cost and selling price of military backpacks, and the large enough base also allows importers and retailers of wholesale custom military backpacks to make enough profits. 

6. Wholesale leather backpacks--The most prospect backpack business

Another expensive backpack is the leather backpack, which is also the type of backpack that has the most apparent and can best express a brand's style. Other backpacks pay more attention to functionality, as a tool bag, but the leather backpack generally focused on appearance, Among the backpacks, only leather backpacks are favored by many big names, so only leather backpack can be called a premium backpack, Leather backpack includes artificial leather such as PU, and also includes genuine leather such as cowhide and sheepskin, judging from our bag production orders, most of the backpack is made of PU material, and the genuine leather is mostly used in the backpacks of Gucci, MICHAEL KORS, Coach and other famous brands.
We are most optimistic about leather backpacks. This is also from the perspective of business. In the past decade, most of our customers engaged in the leather bag business have been growing, and their brands can continue to grow. Its success is inseparable from the leather backpack positioning of the company, the customer base is relatively high-end, and the product and brand can obtain a sufficient premium, they can continue to launch leather backpack products with novel appearances or interaction with other industry brands.

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